Submission deadline: November 15, 2020

Submission via EasyChair: Submission system is closed now!


Please submit structured abstracts, competitive papers or special session proposals electronically using the EasyChair conference management system, which can be accessed at the following website:


Full paper submissions should not exceed 12 single-spaced pages or 7,000 words, whichever is less (Times New Roman 12 pt. font, 1 inch margins, see the formatting guidelines for details) in total length, including all exhibits and references. Be sure to include the title information with each submission but do not include a title page with author identification in the submitted document file. The name of the paper, names and affiliations of each author, and complete contact information for the corresponding author(s) (address, e-mail address, phone) will be requested. Please be sure to spell all author names correctly. Misspelled names create problems in creating the program and effective communication. It is against AMS policy to submit the same paper or special session proposal to multiple tracks. Manuscripts will be double blind reviewed. Only papers submitted as full papers can be published in the proceedings as full papers. A full paper may also be published as a one-page abstract.


Structured abstracts submissions should not exceed 4 single-spaced pages following the submission guidelines. A sample structured abstract is available here. Structured abstracts accepted for presentation are published as a one-page abstract in the Proceedings. Special session/panel proposals can be submitted through the conference management system to the special session submissions track. Proposals should contain a 50-word bio of each speaker, a one-page description of the session, and a one-page description of each presentation. If the special session contains individual presentations, each with its own unique “talk” title, then each presentation should be entered into the system separately with a unique identifier in the title tying it back to the special session. In other words, if the special session is about “Fun at AMS,” individual “talks” would have a title like: “Fun at AMS: How to Network Professionally at Receptions.” Please contact one of the special session submission co-chairs prior to uploading a proposal submission. Special session/panel proposals will be reviewed, and those rated as highest quality and most in keeping with the conference theme will be accepted for presentation. The program team welcomes all ideas for presentations, workshops, or other sessions that may be of interest to the AMS Fellows. Please contact the appropriate track chairs with your ideas.


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AMS Conference Policies

  • Authors (or at least one author) of accepted papers are required to register for the Annual Conference AND to present the accepted research at the time designated in the conference program. Any research submission (competitive or special session) accepted for presentation but not presented at the conference will NOT appear nor be acknowledged in the official conference proceedings (Developments in Marketing Science) published by Springer.
  • If at least one of the authors of a paper has not registered by the early bird deadline (approximately 6 weeks prior to the conference), the paper is subject to be deleted from the program. Thus, prior to submission, please consider the submission of the paper seriously and take into account any uncertainties about author(s) NOT being able to attend.
  • All conference participants should be active AMS members.
  • It is against AMS policy to submit the same paper or proposal to multiple tracks or to multiple conferences simultaneously, or to resubmit a previously accepted paper
  • An individual may not be an author or co-author on more than three competitive paper or structured abstract submissions. Authors risk having all submissions deleted from consideration for a violation of this rule. Every submission consumes resources from AMS and its volunteers.
  • An individual requiring a visa to travel to the conference should apply for his/her visa in a timely manner and carefully consider the likelihood they can attend the conference prior to registering. Cancellation fees will apply to an individual who is unable to attain his/her visa. Authors facing visa issues should carefully consider a backup plan allowing a coauthor to present should visa/immigration problems prevent attendance.